Commercial Pilot License

The Commercial Pilot License ,CPL(A) follows the PPL license and grants the right to conduct commercial flights, according to Visual Flight Rules (VFR). Obtaining this license will allow you to perform the functions of a PIC (Pilot-in-Command) for the commercial air transport or a second pilot (Co-Pilot or First Flight Officer) for the commercial air transport at the commercial airlines.

The purpose of the CPL course is to teach the cadet pilot to fly safely and effectively in accordance with the VFR Visual Flight Rules. Training is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Course duration: 12 Months

Candidate Requirements:

  • Age – from 21 years and older
  • Education – completed secondary education or incomplete higher education
  • Health – certificate of the medical commission of the 2nd class in accordance with EASA (Part-MED) requirements;
  • English – ICAO / EASA Level 4 Language Proficiency
  • Valid PPL (A) license in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago conventions
  • Total flight time – 150 hours
  • Proficiency testing – pass a check-ride on a multi-engine aircraft in accordance with Subpart H, to Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178 / 2011, Annex 1, Part-FCL.

Theory course includes the following subjects:

  • Air law
  • General knowledge of the sun
  • Flight planning and execution
  • Human factor and limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Aerodynamics
  • Phraseology
  • Training is performed on the airplanes: Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Diamond DA42