IBR Global MBA

A German MBA program that offers a transformative learning experience by empowering executives to become more innovative, explore new knowledge and drive positive change in their own organisations

A global MBA business school at Steinbeis University Berlin, the IBR School of Executive Management is well-known for its rigorous MBA program for working professionals. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the IBR Institute of International Business Relations offers Global MBA and PhD programs that enable students to study challenges, find solutions and implement strategies in their own organisations.

Designed to prepare experienced executives for leading in today’s competitive business world, the IBR MBA from Germany follows a unique teaching methodology. This is an extension of the dual education system for which Germany has been lauded by all the world economies. Students apply the theory they learn at their workplace and adopt design thinking into their working style.

IBR serves its existing students, graduates and online executive MBA and PhD program applicants, through its Information and Business Consultation Centres located across the globe. Managed locally in different parts of the world, IBR’s Consultation Centres facilitate communication across cultural borders by enabling students to pursue its globally recognised German MBA programs from anywhere the world.

A distinctive pedagogy that empowers its students to solve their own business challenges in the classroom, IBR’s distance education MBA and coaching program for entrepreneurs promotes learning in an unconventional campus set-up. The ‘Live’ online MBA classes are conducted twice a month by IBR’s faculty members who live in 10 different countries on four continents and each of them speak an average of three different languages. Offering a high-impact learning experience, the IBR business owners’ MBA programs are led by faculty members who are reputed business leaders, innovators and senior executives with more than 15 years of executive management experience.